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Sausage Dog Lovers Rejoice A Dachshund Kitchen Accessory Range Exists

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If you’re a proud Dachshund dog owner or even an avid Dachshund enthusiast, surely you like to show your love for sausage dogs in any way possible and that could be through your home’s decoration.

That goes for all rooms of the house without any exception. First comes the bedroom then what? If you’re thinking the kitchen then keep on reading.

Introduce Roger the sausage dog to your kitchen with this new range of kitchen textiles.

Perfect for any sausage dog lovers, these “Roger the sausage dog” kitchen accessories can be found at JD Williams and will make cooking that much more enjoyable.

Other than the fun textile design, most of the accessories in the range have now a reduced price making them super affordable.


The double oven glove will protect your hands from hot dishes and add a splash of colour to the kitchen.

JDWilliams £12.00


The set of two tea towels is perfect for adding a splash of colour to the kitchen while catering to your enjoyment of a warm cup of tea.

JDWilliams £9.00


Lastly the apron will protect your clothes whilst cooking and also it will add a splash of colour to your wardrobe.

JDWilliams £8.00

What a better collection to compliment your bedroom decor inspired by our beloved four-legged friends the Dachshunds?

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