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Show Off Your Love Of Dachshunds With This Gorgeous Bed Linen

Dachshund bed linen

If you love dachshunds as much as we do then you are going to love this bed linen with the special doggy adorned all over it.

There is sometimes nothing better at brightening up your day than seeing a small sausage dog trott past. Those log bodies and small legs wiggling by will make everyone snap a smile and immediately forget the days annoying worries.

You will now be able to enjoy that feeling when you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning with this fab bed linen from Castle.

Dachshund bed linen

The Bedding

The five-star hotel grade bedding is made from 100 % cotton and has a 280 thread count quilt cover.

The duvet comes in four sizes: single, double, queen and king and are priced from £135 to £200.

The pillow cases are priced at £49 each.

The duvet and pillows are sold separatel, all are available online at Castle.

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