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Turn Your Workstation Into The Perfect Self-Care and Productive Hub in 2019

Considering we spend most of our day’s glued to our workstations during each month, why not make sure the area you often spend more time in than bed is the perfect area for self-care and productivity.

It is often difficult to stay focused, motivated and fresh when at your desk for the full eight hours a day, five days a week. There is always a period when everything just falls flat and you start clock watching.

That no longer has to be the case as we bring a list of helpful tools that’ll make sure you are always feeling your best and most productive, which your bosses will love, when you are at work.

A Diffuser

Desk wellness ideas

£14.99, Amazon

Office Air Freshener

Desk wellness ideas

£27, The White Company

Smelling Salts

Desk wellness ideas

£10, Amazon

Energizing mist

Desk wellness ideas

£22, Olson House

Quartz Facial Massager

Desk wellness ideas

£36.99, Cult Beauty

Purifying Plant

Desk wellness ideas

£80, FlowerBox

Standing Desk

Desk wellness ideas

£600, Fully

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