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Elevate Your Coffee & Dinner Tables with Dior’s New House of Cards Collection

dior maison checkndior

When it comes to bold homeware creations Dior Maison are always pushing the boundaries, and their latest release evokes Royalty and British culture in a very unique way.

The luxury fashion brand have revealed their “Check N’Dior” collection, designed by Cordelia de Castellane, featuring elaborate home decor items that celebrate British Regal spirit and tradition through playing card motifs.

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dior maison checkndior

Dior Maison

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Christian Dior famously said “living in a home that doesn’t reflect who you are is akin to wearing someone else’s clothes”, and the fashion house aims to help everyone showcase their unique style with their latest Maison collection.

The new series echoes British tradition, paying tribute to the founder’s lifelong passion for British culture of plaid designs along with Scottish kilt tartans and royal playing card motifs.

The collection includes homeware items adorned with those designs and symbols such as plates, cups, mug, and tea sets to beautifully crafted notebooks, elegant storage boxes, napkins, glassware, and stylish carafes.

The Dior Maison CheckNDior collection is priced between £35 for a notebook and £400 for a teapot. It will be available to order from 15 November in-store and at Dior Maison online.

For more information on the Dior Maison CheckNDior collection, or other Dior homeware, visit Dior Maison online.

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