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These Funky DIY Plant Displays Are the Perfect Way to Upcycle Everyday Home Items

© Rust-Oleum

Whether it’s your next desk accessory or bathroom addition, it’s easy to create your own DIY plant stands from everyday home items.

Don’t throw away what you can reuse – simply grab one of these objects around your home and give them a second life.

Mint Tin

diy plant displays

Elizabeth Abernathy

You probably didn’t think that a mint tin could have such an inspirational second life but you can in fact grow an entire succulents garden inside.

For the full DIY tutorial see here.

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Old plain plant POTS

diy plant displays


According to craft designer Sophie Tarrant for Rust-Oleum, terrazo print has been at the top of the interior trend lists for a while now and is an easy way to create a colourful effect at home.

Just use Rust-Oleum Surface Primer, Chalky Finish Furniture Paint, Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Brush Paint and Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear on a basic, white plant pot.

To get the terrazo effect, Tarrant recommends using a small brush to add a variety of differently sized coloured blobs to match the pattern.


diy plant displays

Pexels & Love Grows Wild

This antique ladder has been created using two simple sheets of plywood.

Once built, add some gorgeous plants to make this the ultimate ladder shelf for those green thumbs.

For even more upcycled ladder ideas see here. 

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diy plant displays


Switch up an old stool into a clean, crisp painted plant stand in around 2 hours. It really does use one of the most common pieces of furniture aound the home. However, you can also pick one up for next to nothing in your local second hand furniture shop.

For the full DIY tutorial see here.


Jagoda Kondratiuk / Unsplash

Believe it or not, but old light bulbs can make for a unique way to display your plants.

It’s also very versatile: add one single flower – such as a rose or carnation – for a romantic look or use rocks and soil to create your own terrarium.

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Glass bottles or Mason Jars


Another creative use of a common household item is to grab an old glass jar or bottle and make your own terrarium inside.

It’s essentially your very own eco-system!

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