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Here’s How You Can Upcycle and Create Stylish Plant Shelves for Free

© Jo Bentley

If you’re feeling inspired to take up a spot of home improvement, then why not take a leaf out of this savvy plant-inspired project?

A post on a Facebook group has shown just how crafty you can get for next to nothing, simply by using everyday items around the home.

These nifty plant shelves were created by home DIY enthusiast Jo Bentley who used basic materials to create a new home for her greenery.

The shelves were made using jute twine and wood affixed to the wall using black rings.

Bentley wrote: “Couple of shelves I made, cost £0.00. So pleased with how they look!”

While most of the items were found around the home, including the wood which was found in the garage, the savvy crafter also details where you can buy materials on a budget if you don’t have them already.

The jute twine can be picked up for £3 from B&M, while the plants were purchased at local supermarket Lidl.

The DIY is the latest home crafting project to use free wood scraps already available to create something unique and practical.

Savvy Internet DIY-ers have also been sharing how they use wood pallets to make drinks bars in the garden and full home shelving units indoors.