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Dog Leggings Have Arrived To Keep Your Pooch Warm

© Walkee Paws

If you’ve ever worried about your dog feeling a chill or experienced your pooch standing in urine, then you might understand the invention of dog leggings by American company Walkee Paws.

At first sight, the ultimate pet accessory might look a little strange.

The item is available in a variety of colours and designs, with a section that goes across the body of the dog.

Rest assured, however, that it has been designed by pet lover Lisa Baronoff who came up with the unusual concept after being concerned by dirt and gems invading her home from dog walks.

The leggings are available in a variety of designs and colours

The goal is to protect both dog and home; these unusual additions protect against any harmful chemicals your dog may pick up and lick, while also keeping the home clean and dry.

To devise the design of Walkee Paws, the cunning entrepreneur actually cut her own tights and used it like a sling across the dog’s back.

The team then developed a 4-way stretch fabric designed for maximum comfort for the dog with the result being the world’s first dog leggings on the market.

At present, the leggings are only available in the US via the Walkee Paws website but keep your fingers (and dog’s paws!) crossed for a launch in the UK.

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