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Luxury Dog Bed Toppers Are the Ultimate Way to Protect Your Couch

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For those who wish their pooch pal could join them on the sofa, but despair about the amount of hair, you need a luxury dog bed topper in your life.

The trend has been making waves across the internet, with the release of a product called the ‘The Pet Quilted Couch Topper’ from department chain, Kmart.

Complete with a stylish grey colour and luxury quilted design,  the topper has been praised for its price point and ease of use – so much so, it keeps selling out.

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The Pet Quilted Couch Topper likes to sell out…

Good news is on hand, however, for those seeking an alternative or after a product in the UK or US.

There are several options for varying budgets.

For those who love luxury in life, velvet and wool sofa toppers are available, priced at around £140-£180 that offer a stylish addition to your home.

The Stylish Dog Company

If you’d prefer to copy the look exactly, however, there’s a steal on Amazon UK.

This quilted chair protector from BellaHills is under £20 and offers all the easy protection you could ever need.

Friends in the US can also treat themselves to this ‘Buddy Quilted Blanket’ from Furhaven over on Wayfair. 

Because who doesn’t wish for their furry friend to cuddle up against on your next Netflix binge?

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