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Dolphin Plants Might Be Your Next Houseplant Obsession

© plantsaloe / Instagram

Step aside pink houseplants, for there’s a new trend in greenery that’s sure to light up your social feeds.

Dolphin plants are the succulent you might never have heard of, but will probably want after you’ve seen their stunning leaves.

Like the name implies, the dolphin plant is so-called because its leaves resemble the popular ocean creature.

At first, it looks like any old plant but look closer and you’ll see the magic.

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A cross between a hot dog cactus and the string of pearls houseplant, these plants are especially popular in Japan, where growers love their cute appearance.

The plant typically has fun leaves and a low branching form, tending to arch more as it ages.

However, if you’re lucky, they may even burst into life and produce small, starry pink flowers.

Good news too: dolphin plant care is relatively quite easy, requiring bright but indirect light.

Water them once per week in the growing season, then change to only once per month when dormant.

Simply magical!

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