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An Adorable Dumpling Wants to Help Purify the Air in Your Home

smoko dumpling air purifier

If you thought air purifiers were supposed to be boring, plain looking boxes, think again as this unbelievably cute dumpling has arrived.

Smoko, the kings of cute, helpful homeware, are back with their latest smiling product – a happy looking dumpling air purifier which filters out pollen and dust to make sure the air in your home or office is always fresh.

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smoko dumpling air purifier


The delightfully fun and cute air purifier can be plugged into any outlet socket or USB port, ideal for bedrooms or office environments.

The little dumpling will filter out any pollen and dust to keep the air in your home and office super refreshing.

There’s a UV light on the top of the dumpling to help kill bacteria, viruses, mold and other harmful pathogens.

The bottom of the purifier can also trap a high volume of airborne allergens and irritants that often flow throughout homes and office environments.

If that wasn’t enough, the first 500 orders placed will each also include a cute limited-edition tan dumpling night light companion.

The Smoko dumpling air purifier is currently priced at £25, with additional delivery charges to be added on checkout, and can be pre-ordered at Smoko online.

For more information on the Little B Dumpling air purifier visit Smoko online.

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