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Dunelm Have Just Launched A Range of Gorgeous Self-Adhesive Wallpapers

© Dunelm

There’s nothing worse than spending a load of time pasting wallpaper to a wall which is why self-sticking wallpaper can feel like the best invention ever.

Enter: Dunelm’s online exclusive range of self-adhesive wallpaper that’ll change your home up in a flash.

Not only is the range completely easy to apply, but the peel and stick element also means this wallpaper can be re-positioned so if you make a mistake, there’s no need to panic.

It can also be easily removed at any time without leaving behind any damage or sticky residue.

Plus, there’s several designs available, each that suits different rooms in your home.

If you’re looking for a quick refresh on the nursery, for instance, the NuWallpaper Elephant Wallpaper can add a point of interest in a neutral room, plus you can even wallpaper a set of drawers with them.


Then, there’s the stunning range of decorative papers that could make a real statement on your walls.

Dunelm, £27

Bold wallpaper is a top home trend for 2019  so make it count by adding this calming heron pattern to your walls, or bring the outside in with the range of nature-inspired wallpaper.


The simple sketch style can perfectly complement minimalist style furniture, plus you can always get inventive and add it your bookcase if full-on pattern scares you.


The collection also includes a range of stick-on tiles that can create the illusion of brickwork without the hassle of individually applying each tile.

Sound like some form of home wizardry? The great news is they can all be picked up for between £18-£27 over on the Dunelm website.

You needn’t worry about applying wallpaper ever again!

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