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A Company Has Found a Unique Way Of Turning Tea Waste Into Beautiful Homeware

Dust tea waste homeware

If you ever thought used tea bags have more to offer, you’d be right, as interior designers Dust have created a process of transforming them into stylish homeware items.

The London-based designers have developed a technique that transforms used teabags into beautifully sustainable homeware, ideal for homes looking to avoid harmful traditional homeware and become greener and sustainable in 2020.

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Dust London

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The bespoke design firm’s unique manufacturing process is aimed at challenging the perception of what sustainability is and what throwaway everyday items could potentially be transformed into.

The inventive plastic-free process involves collecting tea bags, blending them together and combining it with a non-toxic binder to help create the mixture used to make each item.

Once ready, the mixture is poured into a mould, then when ready the mould is removed and a tea waste homeware item has been created.

Currently available in the collection are coasters, vases and large planters. All come in freshing chamomile, peppermint, black tea or rooibos tea colourings.

Each set is handcrafted, making sure no one piece is the same as another, which adds yet another unique dimension to the Dust homeware collection.

To view the entire Dust tea waste homeware collection visit Dust London online.

Prices for the Dust tea waste homeware collection start at £25 for chamomile tea set of four coasters and go up to £250 for large planter vases. All are available to order from Dust London online.

For more information on the Dust tea waste homeware visit Dust London online.

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