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Bunny Succulents Are The Adorable Greenery Every Home Needs This Easter

easter bunny succulent plants
© The World of Seeds

To help spark homes into an Easter frenzy in 2020, The World Of Seeds have unveiled the most adorable succulents homes will find it difficult not to fall in love with.

The Etsy shop have started selling succulents that, once fully grown resemble two fuzzy-looking bunny ears to help provide the most adorable centrepiece for Easter celebrations this year.

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easter bunny succulent plants

The World of Seeds

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Officially known as Monilaria Obconica, the succulents originally come from South Africa, but can live in almost any climate.

Once planted, the bunny succulents can grow up to eight inches with the ears eventually giving way to white blooms with yellow centres.

The cute succulents do well in an areas with shade, at temperatures between 15-20 degrees Celsius, and need to avoid direct sunlight. The care instructions suggest planting each seed in a small individual posts to guarantee the change of Easter-themed growth.

The Easter bunny succulent plants are priced at £10 for a pack of 30 seeds. To order visit The World of Seeds online.

For more information on the Easter bunny succulent plants visit The World of Seeds online. 

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