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17 Best Eco Friendly Cleaning Products For The Sustainable Home

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Transforming homes into eco-conscious havens is not just about clothing, furniture and decoration, cleaning products are also an essential item.

Traditional cleaning products contain a range of harmful chemicals and wasteful materials, all having potentially huge detrimental impacts on homes, peoples health and, most importantly, the environment.

This list of eco friendly cleaning products offers all the information and guidance on how best to transform homes into environmentally friendly havens fit to tackle these global waste and pollution problems.

Method Home


Created in 2001, this cleaning alternative is cruelty-free, uses renewable energy to manufacture, include 100 per cent eco-friendly packaging, , and have also established a bio-diesel shipping programme.

Method’s home cleaning range includes everything from cleaners, detergents and hand soaps that’ll help homes look, feel and smell completely eco-friendly.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation

With a collection of all-natural and eco-friendly products from detergents, all-purpose cleaners, and everyday use wipes, Seventh Generation has thought about what it takes to make homes greener and eco-focused in 2020.

The company uses only recycled packaging and will only incorporate sustainably sourced materials into all of their products.

Common Good

Common Good

The brand was launched to help offer a reusable and sustainably packaged alternative to traditional single-use plastic products.

All of Common Good‘s products come in reusable, glass packaging, which can be refilled at any of the brand’s refill stations worldwide.

The collection is also 100 per cent biodegradable and only uses essential oils.

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Ecos has been producing eco friendly cleaning products for over 50 years.

The carbon neutral companies facilities are all powered by 100 per cent renewable energy and only use carbon neutral plants to create their products.

Included in the Ecos collection features everything from washing up detergent, all-purpose cleaner, dish washing liquid and a range of hand soaps.

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Mrs. Meyer’s

Mrs. Meyers

Focused on giving kitchens a plant-based, eco-friendly clean, Mrs. Meyer’s offers a range of renewable plant materials with biodegradable formulas to help guarantee any residual chemicals disappear before they seep into clothing, skin or local ecosystems.

Mrs. Meyer’s was established by Thelma Meyer, who, with nine children, needed to find a way to keep her home clean. She developed a collection of all-natural cleaning fluids and products.

The unique range includes scents such as mums and peonies to basil and honeysuckle, all helping to give homes a beautiful garden-esq aura.

Better Life

Better Life

Created to offer a solution to harmful, plastic-based cleaning products, Better Life aims to challenge the way people view all natural cleaning.

Included in their range features soaps, lotions plus a large range of household cleaners – from floor, glass and worktop surfaces.



Using natural-based solvents, agents and packing materials, Ecover makes 100 per cent eco-friendly products.

The fragrance-free line of soaps and detergents are perfect for those who suffer from having sensitive skin.

To view the entire collection visit Ecover online.



An Austin, USA, based company, Puracy offers a series of eco friendly cleaning products free from any harsh and harmful chemicals.

All of Puracy’s products materials will breakdown safely in the environment. Each bottle and package is recyclable and also features artwork from local artists.

To view the entire biodegradable and recyclable range visit Puracy online.



Eco-Me’s BPA-free, post-consumer collection is focused on cleaning all of the rooms in the house.

From wood polish, carpet stain remover to bathroom and kitchen oven cleaner, Eco-Me has something for every situation.

Ecozone Soap Nuts


These naturally occurring berries work perfectly as a substitute for traditional chemical laundry detergents.

The Ecozone soap nuts are part of the lychee family, and contains saponin, an all-natural surfactant, which works to clean clothes.

To use, simply put a collection of nuts into a bag, place on top of your laundry and wait until the washing cycle has finished.

The nuts only work with hot washes, they do not offer any cleaning solutions for cold washes unfortunately.

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Bio D

eco friendly cleaning products

Bio D

This vegan, cruelty free, and completely biodegradable floor cleaner works on wood, vinyl and laminate ceramic tiles.

The chemicals used by Bio-D are also hypoallergenic, making them a perfect natural cleaning product for busy spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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eco friendly cleaning products


Eco friendly cleaning products are not just restricted to fluids and sprays, it also includes the cleaning utensils as well.

LoofCo offers a a completely naturally grown Loofah, which is a vine part of the cucumber family. The sponge starts off life scratchy and small but expands into a cleaning cloth when sponge.

The sponges are completely void of any harmful plastics, can last up to three months, if properly looked after, and offer a completely sustainable and all-natural cleaning sponge.

Dr. Bronner

eco friendly cleaning products

Dr. Bronner

This unique range of friendly cleaning products not only help to keep floors and surfaces looking and smelling fresh, they can also be used on pets and even your own hair and body.

Dr. Bronner’s collection comes in eight different scents, from peppermint to lavender, citrus and tea tree. All feature natural ingredients, are biodegradable and the packaging is completely recyclable.

All of the products also feature no chemicals.

Ashley & Co

eco friendly cleaning products

Ashley & Co

This eco-friendly cleaning solution is a high-end washing up liquid that’ll cut through hard grease on dishes and look stylish beside your kitchen sink.

All ingredients in the Ashley & Co range are plant-based and free from harmful sulphates, parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.

The range also offers little sudsy after-effects whilst also leaving skin feeling soft when used without gloves.

White Space home

eco friendly cleaning products

The White Space

When it comes to scourer’s, most kitchen features the same variation. They are usually made of plastic and last for a week or two before needing replace.

White Space Home wooden dish brush is made from 100 per cent natural, untreated beechwood and tampico fibre, making the heads longer-lasting and biodegradable.

The brush can be taken apart to make it easier to scrub pots and pans, and can even get into those awkward places in vases or water bottles.

When the time comes to buying a new one, each brush is completely compostable.


eco friendly cleaning products


These everyday use clothes aim to “unlock the power of water” with their unique design of microfibre materials.

When the E-Cloth touches water, the microscopic voids in the fibres traps the water, which in turn helps to pick up dirt, grease, grime and other bacteria or mould hiding in and around homes.


eco friendly cleaning products


Toilet cleaners are traditionally filled with extremely harmful and hazardous chemicals, which once flushed away, will inevitably find their way into local ecosystems and damage the environment.

Daylesford‘s toilet cleaner contains no petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes, synthetic perfumes or animal by-products. Each item is also completely biodegradable.

Perfect for homes looking for a 100 per cent green-focused toilet cleaner.

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