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This Eco Friendly Paint Is Kind to Your Health and The Environment

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Paint shades can be one of the most challenging decisions when it comes to interior decorating, as you want to make the right colour decision but also lifestyle decision for you and the environment.

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is one of the few paint ranges which takes “eco-friendly” to mean more than just being water-based. Their eco-friendly paints are born out of their commitment to the environment.

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Edward Bulmer

Both mainstream and acrylic paints are largely made from petrol chemicals derived from refined crude oil.

The way that Edward Bulmer produce their paint is in close collaboration with specialist paint manufacturers for over ten years.

The result is a product that has a wide variety of beautiful colours that are also safer and healthier due to their non-toxic paint formulations.

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Edward Bulmer

“When you choose to use one of our paints you’re making more than a colour choice, a paint choice, a fashion choice or even a lifestyle choice, you too are choosing to make a difference” – Edward Bulmer.

Other than doing your part for the environment you also get expert advice by specialists offering free colour consultancy as well as advice on finishes.

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These paints are made from raw materials such as plant extracts, chalk, earth minerals and linseed. The base paint manufacturer is CO2 neutral and the production process does not create vast quantities of toxic waste like synthetic paint.

Furthermore they are breathable so moisture and mould is not trapped in surfaces allowing the building to expel toxic fumes.

Edward Bulmer lets you create a healthy atmosphere in your home, free of chemicals causing allergies or sleeping disorders.

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