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This Company Creates Eco Glitter Ideal for Seasonal Home Crafts

© Eco Glitter Fun

With Christmas around the corner, nothing says celebration quite like glitter.

Problem is the stuff that falls out of your Christmas cards and pimps up your gift wrapping is actually quite harmful to the environment.

Glitter doesn’t just cause chaos in the home by going everywhere, essentially it’s  actually teeny tiny particles of plastic that can pollute the ocean, leech chemicals and pose harm to sea life. Oh, and it can’t be recycled.

Good news, however, is there’s no need to feel like a killjoy come Christmas.

If you’re dreaming of all the creative homemade crafts you can enjoy, eco glitter for crafts exists, just perfect for creating eco-friendly Christms wrapping or even as a gift idea itself.

Eco Glitter Fun are a company based in Reading, UK who are dedicated to spreading the ‘plastic-free’ message  – via the guilt-free sparkles.

The biodegradable glitter is sold in plastic free packaging, with a particularly handy craft set featuring festive themed eco glitter pots, a bamboo brush and linen sack.

Ideal for any eco friendly Christmas gifts you have planned, from soap to candle making!

The Eco Glitter for Crafts set is available via Eco Glitter Fun for £17. 

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