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Your Elf on the Shelf Can Now Enjoy a Range of Clothes

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If you’re a UK fan of Elf on the Shelf then you might have seen Walmart has a special range of elves adorned in special outfits.

The range, including everything from Superhero Elf to Belle of the Ballet Elf, is available in US stores.

No need to be glum this season, however. The good news is Elf clothes are available in the UK and the range is pretty spectacular.

Where to buy the official range in the UK

elf on the shelf clothes uk

£11.95, Amazon

First of, you can buy the official Elf on the Shelf range over on Amazon.

You’ll find a range of clothes from the Claus Couture collection including the Superhero Girl Outfit, the Sugar Plum Soldier Outfit and the adorable Sleeping Bag Slumber Set featuring an actual mini sleeping bag and teddy bear.

Too cute.

£11.95, Amazon


For those looking to make your Elf on the Shelf seriously Instagram-able this season there’s always these alternative choices.

Your Elf will feel ready to party on Christmas Day in no time…



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Image: Brenda via Etsy seller Lovebugsclothes, £6.92


£11.95, Amazon

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