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Transform Your Living Room into a Comfy Sports Stadium with This Fun Sofa

emanuele magini stadium sofa

Have you ever wanted to create your very own sports venue setting at home? This unique couch could transform your living room into a mini version of Wembley or the Nou Camp.

Italian home decor designer Emanuele Magini has created a family sofa where everyone can watch an event on what looks and feels like a mini stadium sofa, which also comes with an interesting, and very useful, addition.

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emanuele magini stadium sofa

Emanuele Magini

The sofa is named after the famous Brazilian sports venue the Maracana, and is based on three tiered levels, which give it the appearance of a small amphitheater for your home.

The sofa can fit into most living rooms and is perfect for those who love watching the big matches or hosting movie nights for family and friends.

In addition to the three tiers of seats this striking sofa can be transformed into a functional, and super fun, reclining bed.

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emanuele magini stadium sofa

Emanuele Magini

The fun sofa is the perfect addition to any home looking to add a unique couch that caters to large groups of friends or big families.

The sofa is currently in protoype and, as yet, does not have a price point.

For more information on the Maracana, or other products, visit Emanuele Magini online.

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