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This Wonderful Magnetic Wallpaper Has Claimed the Top Prize at Etsy’s First Global Design Competition

etsy magnetic wallpaper

The best thing about homeware is it’s constantly evolving, with new designs, innovations and products always being created, and this new award-winning concept has put a creative twist on the humble wallpaper.

Homeware designer, Sian Zeng, offers a trip to a far off land of adventure with her unbelievably simple, yet beautifully creative, magnetic children’s wallpaper, which was awarded the Grand Prize at the 2019 Etsy Design Award’s.

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etsy magnetic wallpaper


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The London-based designer claimed the top prize at the Etsy design awards, which came with a £15,000 winners cheque, with her best-selling dinosaur-themed magnetic wallpaper aimed at invigorating and encouraging children’s imaginations and creative side.

The statement home decoration accessory features all of the typical, everyday wallpaper components, but with special Zeng’s includes a liner to help with the magnetized aspect.

The wallpaper is applied to walls in four stages. First, paste the magnet receptive liner to the wall of your choice, then the white lining paper.

Apply the patterned dinosaur paper, then varnish to keep it protected from damage.

etsy magnetic wallpaper


Once dry the wall will now be transformed into a prehistoric setting, where kids can add accompanying dino-accessories to the wall and get creative.

The Etsy Magnetic wallpaper by Sian Zeng starts at £324.50, and is available from Etsy online.

For more information on the Sian Zeng’s Etsy Magnetic Wallpaper, or other Etsy products, visit Etsy online.

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