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These Extra Strong Bin Bags Lets You Simply Lift Up the Trash

We’ve all been in that situation where you attempt to lift up the trash, only to find half of it falls on the floor or is hiding in the bin.

That’s not to mention the dreaded bag pick up. Attempting to grab the edges of the bag only results in an awkward fumble and you’re left with a ripped bag that you’d rather not transport.

Fortunately, there is a solution and it comes in the form of an extra strong bag that simply ties up.

Rather than manually attempting to tie up an over-spilling bin, this genius liner is a bit like a drawstring bag.

£4.03, Amazon

Made from extra strong plastic, you just pop in into your bin for the perfect fit with no ugly overwrap, then pull the drawstring to lift it out.

This easy solution even works for small bathrooms, you’ll never need to use a cheap and nasty supermarket bag again.

Ventilation holes make it easier to insert and remove the bin liner, while distinct colour coding enables you to find the right sized bin liner.

They’re even fully compositible, just pop them into your brown bin and they’ll break down.

Plus you can even buy a clever kitchen bin that will change the way you treat your waste.


Brabantia Bin Liners are available from Amazon for £4.03 for 20. 

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