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The Dreamiest Ways to Decorate with Low Maintenance and Faux Plants in Your Home

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Going green-fingered requires a lot of work and patience so why not take a cheat sheet with this ultimate guide to styling fake plant decor?

A popular and growing trend in the interiors world, unkillable houseplants are officially here to stay.

Here’s how to incorporate it into your home decorating.

upgrade your cactus game

Cacti have been making waves in the home department for quite some time now but if you want to give it a quirky twist, shaped cactus, such as one with a spiral shape, can add interest to a fireplace mantle or windowsill alike.

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use leafy plants

Big, leafy plants creates a tropical vibe in an instance and pairs perfectly with vintage, quirky interior details. Who needs it to be real?

Artificial Ivy Garlands

The prettiest way to create an outdoor escape indoors, pair artificial ivy garlands with lanterns. It adds immediate dream-like interest to any corner.

pair with natural textiles

Natural textiles and leafy greenery goes hand in hand. Pair your plants with rattan, bamboo, or organic cotton for a chic, boho vibe or even make your very own hanging planters by upcycling yarn.

Consider stained glass alternatives

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Believe it or not but stained glass decor has been having a moment and what better way to decorate than with a recycled stained glass plant you don’t ever have to water!

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Create a botanical oasis

To create a botanical oasis in any room, opt for faux plants of differing types and place them at various heights. The leafier the better to create that botanical garden vibe indoors.

Pair with Tropical Prints

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A great way to enhance your plants is to team them with a corresponding tropical print. This can be achieved through your home accessories such as curtains, duvets, and framed prints.

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Create a living wall with shelving

Go vertical with your plant inspiration by using wall storage to display your greenery. A garland is the perfect drapery.

go exotic with your inspiration

Global influence is the perfect theme for a spot of faux plant decorating since where else would you find a cactus but the desert?ย  Think exotic icons: elephants and insects that can sit alongside your plants.

Feature it in your prints

fake plant decor


Showcase your love of succulents and cacti in style by encorporating them into prints. Whether featured through your home accessories or in a frame on the wall, there’s no watering required here.

Consider a Vertical Wall

Vertical walls are the ultimate way to create a statement, particularly when placed in unusual places around the home.

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opt for a Terrarium

Raymond Deleon

Terrariums are a great way to bring interest to a table or windowsill. You can also try your hand at creating your very own with pebbles, soil, rocks, a bottle or glass holder, it’s completely up to you.

Go Nature-Inspired with Touches of Wood

There’s no better way to achieve stunning fake plant decor than by pairing it with its natural partner: wood.

A few touches in your home accessories, such as tables and cabinets is all you need, while you can always feature woodland print in your cushions and throws.

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