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Farrow & Ball and The Natural History Museum Team Up To Help Homes Capture Colours From Around the World

farrow ball natural history
© Farrow & Ball

In an effort to share the beauty of the natural wonders of the world, Farrow and Ball have teamed-up with The Natural History Museum to create a stunning thought-provoking range of interior paint ideas and decoration inspirations.

The unique collaboration combines Farrow & Ball’s luxury paint expertise with the Natural History Museum’s unique ability to showcase nature, history, culture and discovery in collection centered around the jaw-dropping beauty of the world.

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farrow ball natural history

Farrow & Ball

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The development of the Colour by Nature collection has been in the making for over two centuries, beginning with the publication of Wener’s Nomenclature of Colours.

The book was a groundbreaking study of colour in nature, featuring painstaking detail of the individual hues and shades of animals and nature from around the world.

Taking inspiration from the historic publication, and their own expertise and knowledge of the natural wonders of the world, The Natural History Museum, with the help of Farrow & Ball, have crafted a paint collection offering homes a chance to inject colour taken from the most beautiful aspects of the natural world.

farrow ball natural history

Farrow & Ball

The impressive limited edition range includes 16 shades, covering the like of rocks and precious stones, delicate butterfly wings and fruit and veg to plus a host of other nature-inspired hues.

The paint has been blended with the same eco-friendly water base as the rest of the Farrow & Ball collection, making it sustainable and safe for all homes.

As well as working in harmony together, the new 16 Colour by Nature collection can also sit effortlessly alongside the core collection of 132 shades and wallpaper from Farrow & Ball’s main range.

To view the entire Colour by Nature collection visit Farrow & Ball online.

To order a free colour card or £4.95 sample pot of colour visit Farrow & Ball online.

For more information on Farrow Ball Natural History visit Farrow & Ball online.

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