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These Gravity Defying Shelves Will Make It Seem Like Your Books Are Floating in Midair

Sometimes the most basic form of home organising and decoration can offer a bit of visual magic.

When it comes to shelves and shelving units, we think of wooden or metal slats, wall brackets and bookcases. From a home decor standpoint, shelves are not exactly the most interesting or inspiring, but that could be about to change thanks to a new unit Harry Potter would even marvel at.

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floating shelves


Gravity, who needs it?

A new project developed by Japanese desgin firm Yoy, is aiming to defiy the laws of physics, and gravity, with an inventive shelving unit ironically called – Shelf.

The project, which was debuted at the Milan Design Week 2019, makes all of the usual items you would typically find on a shelf look as if they are suspended in midair.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple, the shelf is actually a series of thin, metal, individual shelving units, crafted using minimal hardware so you don’t see them poking out from the wall or beneath each item it’s holding.

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floating shelves


Each “shelf” is attached to the wall and comes in three, distinct parts.

One part holds items as you would if you were carrying them clasped in your hands, the second can suspend books with a tilted protrusion that balances items.

A third can hold picture frames and make it seem like they are attached directly to the wall with a disappearing shelf that looks like its the bottom of a picture frame.

The concept is focused on the phenomenon that people perceive something exists even when it actually doesn’t.

The Shelf is yet to go into full manufacturing, but Yoy are hopeful of finding a mainstream partner to help bring it to market soon.

For more information on the floating shelf visit Yoy online.


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