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There Is Something Illuminating about This Flying Lamp

drone lamp

Ever felt your home is in need of just a bit more light? Do your lamps lack that something extra to completely fill your home with life and energy?

Japanese designer, Kazuhiro Yamanaka, has revealed an illuminating new concept that’ll make sure you and your family are never left in the dark again – the Flying Drone Lamp.

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drone lamp

Kazuhiro Yamanaka

It looks and works like any typical lamp, but unlike others the Drone Lamp will follow you around your home, always making sure you are surrounded by light.

The lamp comes with three bases, which can be placed on any surface from wood, carpet, metal to cement, in any room from a bedroom to hallway, around your home.

The base has been designed to function as a launch-pad for the flying lampshade. The lamp is then programmed to lift from the closest base to you and land to the nearest one to where you have moved to using sensors. The drone technology it uses will also allow it to hover above you while you move.

The lamp can also land on a surface without a base, but it cannot remain charged if left there.

The concept has been developed to imitate the feeling of living on space station, without gravity.

For more information on the Drone Lamp, or any other home product, visit Kazuhiro Yamanaka online.

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