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This Fab Robot Will Make Sure Your Garden Is Always Looking Fresh and On Point

flymo garden robot

If you love a Roomba roaming around your home, cleaning as it goes, then you are going to love this delightful new gardening robot alternative.

The Flymo 1200R, essentially a Roomba for your garden, uses a pre-programmed GPS to cut your grass and weed those hard to reach places to make sure your garden is looking fresh and perfect for summer parties and lounging.

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flymo garden robot


When it comes to keeping your garden in tip top shape, it can often be a bit of a drag having to mow the lawn, weed your paths, and generally give your outdoor space some TLC.

Gardens require constant upkeep, that’s why once you have the Flymow 1200R you will never have to worry about firing up the lawnmower, finding those dirty weeding gloves. or conscripting a friend or family member to help, ever again.

The Flymo garden robot will make sure your garden is looking fresh, loved, and perfect for the looming summer months.

Once programmed, the robot gardener will mow your lawn effectively, and without any of those annoying wheel ruts, by using sensors attached to the machine and around the garden.

The robot will continuously mow your lawn to heights from 2cm to 5cm, and once it has finished cutting the lawn, or need to recharge, it will automatically return to the docking station by itself.

The Fymo garden robot is priced at £599.99 from Flymo online.

For more information on the Flymo, visit Flymo online.

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