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Food Christmas Decorations Might Be the Most Millennial Thing We’ve Seen

© Casey Murphy / Unsplash

This year, alternative Christmas tree decorations have really taken off, with everything from pineapple trees to personalised pet decorations making their way to our trees.

If you really want to show just how millennial you really are, however, look no further than these food Christmas tree decorations.

Kicking off with the ultimate millennial icon – the avocado, you can actually buy an avocado on toast bauble that is sure to add the quirky touch to any Christmas decorations.

It even comes with little sesame seed detail.

Then, there’s the sushi bauble that any foodie fan will be delighted with.

Glittery California Roll for your Christmas tree?

While, regular visitors to their local Taco Bell will want to show their love for their favourite food with these golden tributes.

Each bauble of course comes their very own strings to pop on your tree or other.

To see the full range, which also includes bagels and almond milk, Urban Outfitters are currently selling them for around £5-£6 each.

Just remember, they’re not for eating!

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