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This Life-Saving Storage Hack Will Change the Way You Organise Your Fridge

When it comes to storing food in the refrigerator, sometimes there just isn’t enough room to fit everything in, we might have found the simplest and most effective solution for those organisation headaches – chopsticks.

If you haven’t had a chance to embrace the KonMarie method and completely change how you store your household items, particular areas of your home may be an unorganized, uncontrollable, cluttered mess.

Thankfully this inventive kitchen fridge hack will mean you will never have to awkwardly stack unpackaged food, containers, drinks and other essential food items again after this Reddit user discovered using chopsticks to create mini refrigerator shelves.

fridge storage idea

After going for a big shop, stocking your fridge up with everything you and your family might need for the week, it’s often very difficult to make sure everything fits, especially if your kitchen refrigerator has limited space.

This very simple hack requires just a set of chopsticks you would generally find when visiting any Asian cuisine restaurant.

The chopsticks are then placed side by side on top of a dish or bowl to create a mini shelf, on which you can now rest another dish or bowl.

The process can be repeated as many times as your fridge height will allow.

It is designed to provide more stacking, and stable, storage ideas for the various food we all put in our refrigerators.

To find out more on the idea visit Reddit, where there is a divided group of users commenting on the kitchen hack.

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