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These Frozen Bedroom Ideas are Simply Enchanting

If you’ve been spellbound by Disney’s enchanting Frozen, then why not bring the magic home with these creative bedroom ideas?

It’s easy to create a snow-covered kingdom in your child’s bedroom with just a few simple changes…

Theme your bed covers

Every Elsa deserves a great place to rest their head. There’s several duvet cover and pillowcase sets out there that incorporate the Disney theme but a top tip is most definitely to match your accessories to the overall colour scheme. A simple lilac or blue is sure to complement a bold duvet.

Pictured:  Disney Frozen Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set, Dunelm Mill   from £14

Enchant your walls

There’s multiple ways to achieve the perfect Frozen bedroom walls. If you’ve already got a bold duvet and accessories then don’t be afraid to go simple: a lilac or blue painted wall will work just fine, while you can always add in a wall decal sticker to add just that little bit of detail.

Alternatively, you can always choose themed wallpaper to really go all out!


  • Disney Wallpaper Frozen Snow Queen, Wilko, £9
  • Disney Frozen Ice Palace Wall Sticker, Becky & Lolo, £8.40.
  • Frozen Let It Go Peel and Stick Wall Decals, Allposters.co.uk, £11.96

Update your toy box

To encourage tidy habits in your little ones, opt for a toy box or trunk  – Frozen themed of course! Look for something strong and sturdy, while handles can be a useful addition to moving the toy box between rooms.

You can even make your very own if you’re a dab hand at DIY. Convert any trunk you find in a charity shop or thrift store with paint and decals. Just ensure you use non-toxic, child safe paint.

Pictured: Disney Frozen Toy Box, The Range, £39.99.

Add in Frozen style accessories


There’s a number of ways in which you add small touches to a room to really bring the theme alive. Get creative; it’s the perfect opportunity to DIY.

A simple addition might be a tiara or a snow globe, or add in character toys to match your toy box.

One creative DIY idea might be to actually create paper icicles and installations that can hang from the ceiling. Get the instructions here. 

Have a canopy fit for a Snow Queen

Jeteven / Amazon

Perfect for little princesses has to be a bed canopy. For the ultimate Snow Queen hideaway, a blue fabric waterfall not only luxurious but it actually acts as a way to repel insects!

Pictured:  Jeteven Princess Lace Dome Bed Canopy, Amazon, £14.99.

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