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This Adorable Bee House Is One Way To Help Save Bee Populations

garden bee house

With bee populations declining every year, this adorable garden house could help make sure bee numbers begin to rise again, while also giving them a fab new garden home to live in.

The Mason Garden Bee Barn from Costco is a cute garden abode built exclusively for Mason bees, who do not live in hives or produce honey, for them to nest, feel safe, and, hopefully, increase in population and help the environment.

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garden bee house


Bee’s pollinate plants, which in turn help crops grow into the foods we know and love.

Without bees to pollinate, crops simply won’t grow. That’s where the Mason bee house can help.

Not only are Mason bees very effective at pollinating, 100 times better than honey bees, they also rarely sting because they don’t have a hive or honey to protect. Therefore making sure we look after them is super important.

The Mason Bee House offers that perfect sanctuary for bees to feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

The house requires no assembly, is hand crafted with solid pine wood, bamboo, and is sealed with a nontoxic, water-based finish.

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garden bee house

Unsplash & Costco

Simply place the house in a spot in your garden that receives the most direct sunlight and plant native plants and flowers close to the house to encourage the bees to take up residence in the home.

Once in, the bees will create their own haven where they can live and continue to help the environment.

The Mason Garden Bee House is priced at £30 and is available in-store or online, with an additional delivery charge, at Costso.

For more information on the Garden Bee House visit Costco online.

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