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Garden Glory’s Latest Range Goes Beyond Standard Green Tools and Embraces Glamorous Gardening

garden glory collection

Understandably, gardening tools can be a bit stale, placing function over style most of the time, that was until this new range of beautiful green finger tools was unveiled.

Scandinavian gardening supplier Garden Glory have released their latest collection of glamorous gardening tools, perfect for those who enjoy a bit of the outdoor fun while still making sure they look, and feel, uber stylish too.

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garden glory collection

Garden Glory

Garden Glory was born out of a desire to create simple, yet elegant garden accessories.

The brand began with fashionable hoses and garden holders, before expanding into a range of essential outdoor utensils that’ll inject every home with a sense of style and drama.

The complete Garden Glory catalog features an eclectic range including diamond shaped watering cans, lion and monkey shaped plantpots, diamond bird feeders, shell inspired cushions, watering cans, and leather gardening gloves.

There is even jewel-themed golden spades, playing on the label of “gold digger”.

garden glory collection

Garden Glory

The complete collection comes in a range of fashionable colour variations from gold, rose, aquamarine, grey, eucalyptus, and the super stylish, yet simplistic, white.

Prices range from £300 for golden claw-shaped holders, £180 for a diamond bird feeder, and £100 for a hose. All of these, plus much more, are available at Garden Glory online.

To view the complete Garden Glory collection, or for more information on the products, visit Garden Glory online.

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