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This Clear Igloo Is Perfect for Those Looking to Add a Touch of Glamping to the Garden

Ever fancied a spot of glamping but aren’t keen on a trip too far off the grid? We might have found an alternative that’ll have you embracing nature in complete, unfiltered, comfort very close to home.

The Geodeic Garden Dome is ideal for those looking to use an all-weather, see-through igloo-shaped dome to create a serene, relaxing environment from inside in their own garden.

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geodeic garden dome


Ever wanted to enjoy your garden even when it was pouring with rain? Snowing? Grey and dreary? Or even during an incredibly warm period? Well, now you now can.

Made from 100% recyclable PVC material, the garden dome offers a 360 degree view and fab all-round glamping experience the entire family can enjoy.

The dome rests of a 107-ft base area, with a maximum height of 7ft. It is large enough for most adults to stand up inside and has been designed to maximise airflow to keep a comfortable temperature throughout.

It can house traditional garden furniture or comfy couches, depending on the time of year, and outdoor lighting can be installed.

The dome is wind, snow, and waterproof, which means you will be able to enjoy sitting in the garden no matter the weather.

The Geodeic garden dome is priced at £849 and is available to buy at Amazon online.

For more information on the Geodeic Garden Dome visit Amazon online.

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