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This ASDA Gin and Tea Set is the Ultimate Way to Enjoy a Cuppa (Gin?)


If you like your tea with a side of gin, then say hello to this fabulous gin and tea set from ASDA.

Complete with a beautiful Victorian-style design, it’s proving so popular a few of the pieces are already selling out online.

Don’t despair, however, as you might just be able to pick up one in stores if you can’t wait to get your hands on one.

Who would blame you for running immediately to your local?

With its elegant and timeless white and gold look, this gin and tonic set is ideal for serving gin, cocktails, or even tea!



You could serve up a tea-infused cocktail or even opt for an actual gin tea – yes, this is a thing…

The set comprises three pieces that’s ideal for creating your very own gin afternoon tea.

As well as the main gin tea pot, there’s a matching milk jug and even a gin sugar canister.

ASDA, £3

Utterly charming is the detail in the slogans.

As well as making the (very true!) claim that there’s always time for G & Tea, the addition of ‘Choose Your Mixer’ makes us question the exact contents…

Why keep milk in here when you top up with tonic?

ASDA, £4

Meanwhile, we can only imagine the delight of dipping a golden spoon into the sugar canister.

Alternatively, opt for a little ice and slice of citrus, we won’t tell if you decide to whip up a cheeky mojito!

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