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This Modern Home Was Converted From a Gin Distillery

© Open Practice Architecture

There’s nothing quite like a weekend visit to a gin distillery but have you ever dreamt of permanently living in one?

Well, for one lucky pair, that very vision came true.

Architect Rupert Scott and his interior designer wife, Leo Wood, designed their dream home… in a Victorian gin distillery.

Developed by Scott’s firm Open Practice Architecture and Wood’s interior design company Kinder Design, the objective was to create a modern, bright family home.

Working together to completely overhaul the unique interior layout, the duo created a super stylish living quarter.

There’s the stunning open ground floor space featuring exposed steelwork with timber and polished concrete surfaces, complete with the original Crittall windows of the distillery’s original interior…

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Then there’s the stunning black steel staircase at the back of the home that emerges into a sun-filled landing perfect for stepping outside and enjoying a cheeky G&T or two in the sun….

The enclosed terrace also connects to the bedrooms, filled with natural light.

Converting it from old gin distillery to modern home required carefully placing apertures to allow patterns of light to drift across the surfaces.

Sadly in the main lounge area no sign of a gin bar but with plenty of room to place our top tipples on the shelves we can dream!

To view more images of the gin distillery conversion, visit the project on Open Practice Architecture.  

From:  The Gin Kin