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Gin Wallpaper is the Happening Home Trend You Need to Know About

If you’ve ever wanted to express your love for gin in more ways than the contents of your trolley, then you might have just met your true match.

Thanks to gin wallpaper, you can now decorate your space in true style.

This interesting home addition is a great way to add a touch of fun styling to a room, creating a gin bar feel in a flash.

This delightful wallpaper is part of the much loved ‘Gin & Fizz’ wallpaper collection and is sure to make a welcome addition to any room.

If you’re wondering what all of the fuss is about, the tipple has grown fashionably popular in recent years due to innovation in the industry.

There’s no better way to add personality to a room then showing what you love so why not let it be gin?

The “gin wallpaper” trend has also proved popular over Instagram as well, with people referring to it as “a gin ting”.

The wallpaper features a retro gin marketing inspired design and is brought to life in a timeless monotone colour scheme. The design is completed by a silver glitter gel for a great look.

The ‘Crown Gin O’Clock Mono/Silver Glitter Wallpaper’ is perfect for use as a feature wall in a living or dining room.

Just add silver accessories to complete the look.

You can buy this wallpaper on Go Wallpaper £10.99 (10m x o.53m). 

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From: The Gin Kin