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A Lifestyle Brand Is Releasing a Wash Bag to Fight Back Against Micro-Plastic Waste

© Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective have announced they’re aiming to help homes find new ways to avoid releasing micro-plastics into the environment with a potentially revolutionary everyday wash bag.

The team behind the uber-trendy workout range made from recycled plastic waste have unveiled; The Wash Bag, a portable mesh wash bag that traps micro-plastics and clothing fibers from being released into the washing machine and subsequently into the worlds oceans and harming innocent animals.

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Girlfriend Collective

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To use the bag, simply place dirty washing in the bag until its 3/4 full up, and toss the entire bag into the washing machine or hand wash sink.

Once the washing cycle has finished empty all the trapped micro-fibers and plastic.

The wash bag is made from recycled monofilament, similar to the materials used for fishing line. The bag will not shed any plastic when in the washing machine, and will also trap any potential clothing micro-waste from escaping into the washing machine.

Instead, these uniquely made wash bags have been designed to only allow soap and water in and out of the bags, keeping all synthetic particles from entering the waterways.

The Girlfriend Collective wash bag is priced at £18, with additional delivery charges, and are available to order from the Girlfriend Collective online.

For more information on The Wash Bag visit Girlfriend Collective online.

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