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Sparkly Glitter Pans Might Just Be This Year’s Coolest Kitchen Trend

© Russell Hobbs

Hot off the heels of Le Creuset’s Ultra Violet collection, it seems we just can’t get enough of gorgeous cookware in our kitchens.

Why prep for your dinner party using any old ordinary pan when you can have something that looks simply extraordinary?

Case in point: have you seen this take on Russell Hobbs 8pc marble effect collection?

The pan set comes in four colours in total: blue, red, black, and purple and features non-stick coating for ease of cooking.

The pans also come in red, black and blue.

The best part, however, is each pan in the collection comes with a special marble/white dot effect.

Essentially, this could be as close as you can get to glittery kitchenware – and it looks remarkably similar to the brand at a fraction of the cost.

You can currently pick up Russell Hobbs’ version of the pans on Wowcher for £39.99, but this budget buy comes in at only £27.95.

Spot the difference: Russell Hobbs pans are available over at voucher site Wowcher for £39.99.

Although the exterior features matt black heat-resistant lacquer, the interior is where the magic happens.

From the frying pan to the pots, each item’s interior looks as if it’s been made from glitter.

Fortunately, it’s no kitchen gimmick too. Users across the board have been praising the pans as good value for money, with solid quality and non-stick coating proving particularly noteworthy.

Jenny wrote: “Really pleased with this affordable and attractive looking set of pans.”

“Have recently got an induction cooker and our old ones wouldn’t work so needed something on a budget and these work perfectly and look nice. Would recommend.”

8pc Non Stick Induction Stone Set is available now via Amazon for £27.95.

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