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Global Pollution Levels Have Fallen During the Coronavirus Lockdown

global pollution levels fall
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The extreme social distancing and self-isolation measures imposed across the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak are having a noticeably positive impacts on global air quality and pollution.

New research from the European Apace Agency’s – Copernicus Sentinel Satellite has revealed the efforts to slow and stop the spread of the coronavirus through home and business lockdown methods have led to a global pollution levels fall helped to reduce pollution levels across the world.

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global pollution levels fall


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Amid the difficult situations the virus is putting people in, causing untold damage to communities, families and the economy, there is one positive – the planet is receiving a level of relief from human destruction and pollution.

The seven satellites that make up the Copernicus Sentinal have managed to accurately detect nitrogen dioxide, which is typically released into the atmosphere by factories, power plants, cars and planes, has plummeted across the planet to levels not seen in years.

The noticeable environmental benefits and global pollution levels fall, helped by the lockdown, have also been felt in cities with animals returning to sites they haven’t been seen at in years while waterways, parks, and other public areas are reportedly cleaner and in much healthier states.

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