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The Google Home Max could be your new best friend

Google has launched its latest and most advanced home product yet, the Google Home Max.

Google’s latest smart device is here to help improve your home. 

The Google Home Max will join its smaller Home and even smaller Home Mini smart speaker systems on UK shelves, following an eleven month development delay.

The Home Max will carry the same operating system as its smaller Home and Home Mini devices and will feature Google’s answer to Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, helping to guide owners through all of their questions, needs and query’s.

google home max

Images: Google

What does it do?

The Google Max is the third smart speaker brought to market by the tech giant – following the Home and Home Mini.

The Max is a wireless, voice operated speaker system, developed to assist with questions, needs and provide outstanding sound quality. The Max is turned on by saying the wake commands “Hey Google” or “Okay Google”.

Google’s operating system – Google Assistant – returns, but this time with a twist.

The updated software will not only answer more questions than before and recognise words you are saying, but also what you are trying to say – for example when you mispronounce a question assistant is still able to understand and work out what you need.

Assistant has the ability to recognise individual voices using Google’s Voice Match – a feature not yet on offer by rival Amazon’s Alexa. This unique update allows users to get information on their own personal music libraries or calendars, rather than ones belonging to someone else in the home.

The Max has an intelligent audio tweaking system called “Smart Sound”, which uses the internal and external microphones, and an updated artificial intelligence that knows when to adjust the music being played, accounting for location, noise and even the time of day.

It is also capable of producing deep and clear sound quality from streaming services such as Spotifiy, Google Play, Deezer, YouTube Music and others.

Google has included touch controls to allow for the volume to be adjusted by swiping a finger along the length of the device and with a simple tap music will play.


The Max’s design is plain, clean and deliberate, not wasting any unnecessary space. Unlike other products such as Amazon echo, Sonos play:5. Bose Soundlink, Apple HomePod and the B & O Play there is no Google branding visible on the front and just a simple G hidden at the back.

The two different grey colour options – Chalk and Charcoal allow the device to blend into most homes without being too obvious. The Max has an additional 3.5mm audio jack on the back to allow for external inputs.

It has a set of rubber feet hidden from view, with Google supplying a rubber protective pad which can be struck on any side to allow the Max to be placed either horizontally or vertically.

The Max is hefty, coming in at 5.3kg, putting it more in the category of a piece of furniture rather than a speaker system, but that just means it is not going to be something that is moving around the home.

Lasting impressions

The Max is a pricey smart home appliance and it cannot be paired with any non-Google device.

Its sound quality is a large upgrade from its Home and Home Mini. Google is pinning its hopes on its focus on machine learning and AI to help set itself above its competitors.

Google Home Max at Google Store at a price of £399, students can save 10% on Student Beans.

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By Alex McLeman