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New Google Maps Update Highlights Restaurants With Delivery Services

google maps restaurant delivery
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With the UK coronavirus lockdown continuing to limit outside movement, Google have revealed a new function on their Maps application to help people find food delivery services in their local area.

The new feature includes a highlighted list of local eateries in your area, with delivery and takeaway services available – ideal for those nights when you are struggling to find anything to eat in the house, or to enjoy a treat amid the difficult period.

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google maps restaurant delivery


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The update is simple and easy to use, making it even easier to help people find food and drinks when many outlets are closed due to the government enforced self-isolation and social distancing protocols.

Simply open the Google Maps application and then tap the location where you are looking for food delivery options, and Google Maps will reveal a list of the available restaurants and cafes who are offering delivery and takeaway options.

The helpful new feature is available for both Android and iOS users.

For more information on the Google Maps restaurant delivery function visit Google Maps online.

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