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This New Cookware Range Will Make Sure You Never Leave the Kitchen

Great Jones Cookware

When it comes to cookware, it can be more than just items used to prepare meals, it can also be fantastic modern works of art and this new range from Great Jones is exactly that.

For most, cookware has always represented utensils necessary for cooking and preparing food, little more. They are items stored in a cupboard or drawer and taken out when needed, and put away when not.

They have never really held much importance to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen, not until this new stunning cookware range “Family Style” from Great Jones.

The new collection from the New York – based brand features a wide array of delightful stainless steel, oven-safe pots, pans, stockpots and dutch-ovens that wouldn’t look out of place in any Michelin starred kitchen.

great jones cookware

Great Jones

Attempting to revolutionise the way we all cook and the utensils we use, Great Jones combines minimalism, functionality, delightful colours and style to produce a range you will never want to store out of sight.

The collection are all scratch resistant, are optimized for easy use while cooking using a signature handle design and are dishwasher friendly.

The collection features the Big Deal stockpot £95, for times you are entertaining a larger group, the Saucy £85, for general cooking, the Deep Cut, which is a custom hybrid pan and skillet, and the Small Fry, which is a smaller everyday cooking pan.

The showstopper of the Family Style collection is The Dutchess £145, an enameled cast-iron dutch oven perfect for cooking those delicious Sunday casseroles.

Great Jones

The Great Jones kitchenware revolution does not rest on the utensils, the packaging of each item is a work of art.

Each item is paired with a beautifully designed box covered with vibrant designs both inside and outside, which intent to catch the eye and remind you of traditional cookbooks and vintage kitchenware.

The Family Style collection is available to buy individually or as a complete set, and is available at Great Jones online.

For more information on Great Jones or the Family Style collection visit Great Jones online.

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