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Constellation Pumpkins Could Be the Perfect Way to Light Up Your Home this Halloween

halloween constellation pumpkins

If you are in search of a bit of otherworldlyness, or just looking to embrace a new decorating style this Halloween, constellation pumpkins could be a perfect way to celebrate the scary holiday.

Galaxy-inspired constellation pumpkins, from Grandinroad, are set to take the spooky season by storm, with their unique style and design helping to make them standout from traditional pumpkin lanterns.

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halloween constellation pumpkins


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The impressive jack-o-lanterns are lit from within using a warm white LED light.

Once switched on, the star constellations printed across the surface of the pumpkin begin to connect and shine through a series of holes and openings, projecting a stunning collection of stars onto walls and tables.

Each pumpkin is coloured to look like a beautiful midnight’s sky and features a different set of star constellations, with two or three, depending on the size of the pumpkin, capable of making up an entire galaxy.

The realistic looking lanterns are not made from traditional pumpkins, rather they are made from plastic and non-harmful resin, which makes them durable and long-lasting. The lanterns are powered using three AA batteries, and operated using a two-way on/off switch.

The Halloween constellation pumpkins are priced between £25.58 and £58, all include additional delivery charges, and are available from Grandinroad online.

For more information on the halloween constellation pumpkins visit Dream a Little Bigger online.

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