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Succulent Pumpkins Are the Cutest Way to Show Off Your Spooky Side This Halloween

halloween pumpkin succulents

When it comes to showing off your spooky side this Halloween why not give your pumpkins a new look by stuffing them with succulents.

Instead of carving scary faces on to the side of your pumpkins like everyone else this year, why not fill them with a collection of colourful succulents to take over the nightmarish season with style.

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Anyone who is looking for a new way of creating unique Halloween decorations, this fun project idea could not be more perfect, no to mention a super easy craft idea the entire family can get involved in.

The process of transforming a pumpkin into a succulent filled Halloween ready decoration is simple, and will leave you with something that is Instagram-ready.

The first step is to hollow out your pumpkin, and remove all the usual seeds and fibers.

Once dry, fill the space with fresh soil and carefully plant and arrange your succulents inside. Don’t be afraid to pick a range of different colours and styles of succulents to make sure your pumpkin pops with life.

To give it some added vibrancy, why not give your pumpkin’s traditional orange colour an upgrade with a fresh new shade using paint or spray paint.

For more information on creating your very own pumpkin succulent decoration visit succulents and sunshine online.

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