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Black Succulents Are Taking Over and They’re the Perfect Halloween Decoration Idea

halloween succulents

As Halloween slowly creeps into view, finding the perfect spooky decorations is vital to your home make an impression, and these delightful succulents could be a cutest, scariest idea.

Black succulents are taking over from black cats and witches as the go to Halloween decoration this year, offering a natural alternative that’ll fill your home with wicked feelings and add a new layer of mystery and darkness to your home.

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The dark leaved plants will help you transform your home from a calm, relaxing abode into one filled with wicked vibes.

Black succulents aren’t new, but they are popular around this time of year for their autumnal feeling and Halloween aura.

There are a number of different kinds of black succulents, the most popular being the “Black Prince”.

The black prince produces rosettes of thick, full leaves that, in a particular light, actually show a dark purple shade. The only weakness of the black prince is that it does need to sit in direct sunlight, otherwise it’ll lose its deep, dark colouring.

Black succulents are smaller than traditional green versions, growing up to six inches in height, and can exist comfortably indoors in most homes.

Prices for Halloween succulents like the Black Prince range from £14, and are available from Amazon or Gardens4you online.

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