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These Hanging Glass Orbs Will Add A Cosy Eco-Friendly Touch Your Space

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Artificial plants and indoor vertical gardens are a great way to incorporate a bit of greenery in your life without having to compromise indoor space, especially when it could be limited if you’re living in the city.

Another alternative which is considered to add a particularly cosy touch to interior decorating are hanging glass orbs which you could fill with plants.

These Mini Wall Orb Terrariums from Urban Outfitters could be the perfect addition to your space if you’re looking to create an ethereal fairy garden look.

hanging glass orb

Urban Outfitters £6.00

Some of the benefits of interior plants is that they help with reducing stress as well as sharpen mental focus. Additionally they purify and humidify air and they’re lovely to look at so you can’t really go wrong with getting a few for your home.

Hang these small orbs on your wall to fill with your favourite flowers or mini plants as a terrarium (you could even add in crystals such as amethyst and quartz).

hanging glass orb

Urban Outfitters

Great plants to decorate these with are air plants. The beauty of air plants in terrariums is that they don’t really need water or soil to grow as they absorb food and nutrients through the air.

Another good thing about terrariums and air plants is that they need minimal water. All you have to do is position them in a way that they get enough sunlight.

You can make this your next DIY project as finding the plants and contents you’d like to fill these with is entirely up to your personal taste.

Enjoy the look of these delightful looking hanging glass orbs and the health benefits that come with them.

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