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This Home Decor Collection is Captivating, Colourful, and Everything your Home Needs

hanna anonen chroma collection

If you’re in search of non-traditional home decor ideas to inject your space with something very different, we might have found a range that’ll help you completely transform your home.

Helsinki-based interior designer Hanna Anonen has returned with another range of delightfully original home decoration ideas called Chroma, which could be perfect for those looking to infuse their space with unique surfaces and bold shapes.

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hanna anonen chroma collection

Hanna Anonen

The new Hanna Anonen Chroma collection draws influence from France, but maintains her iconic use of colour.

Chroma features just three items, all of which are captivating and pack a large amount of punch and vibrancy.

The Plize Box, is an item full of bold colours and comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large. The box is a perfect storage solution for any home and an indoor plantpot.

The Beebee is inspired from classic French Faberge eggs, but with a modern, innovative twist. The Beebee can store everything from keys, change, clothes and even plants.

The final item in the collection is the Bouquet, a ceiling lamp designed to resemble a bouquet of flowers, obviously with an Anonen quirk, and could the centerpiece of any space.

To view the Hanna Anonen Chroma collection in full visit Hanna Anonen online.

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