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These Harry Potter Lamps Will Add a Touch of Illuminating Magic to Your Home

harry potter magic book lamp

With the dark wintry nights slowing taking over, it’s important to make sure the gloomy weather is kept at bay – cue the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

The Harry Potter book lamp, currently on sale at Argos, could be the perfect wintry gift for Potterheads in need of a little extra brightness in their homes to ward off dark nights.

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harry potter magic book lamp


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The magical lamp has been inspired by the spell Harry uses to illuminate his surroundings. If that wasn’t enough, it also carries the ominous resemblance of the Dark Lord, Tom Riddle, personal diary.

Thankfully, this lamp is horcux free, and instead will illuminate all dark spaces with its creative folding design.

The beautifully designed book turns on when you open it up as if you were about to begin reading. It features magnets on its front and back, allowing it to be attached to metal surfaces such as bed frames to create a magical floating light, and is completely portable courtesy of its USB charging attachment.

It is also durable, water resistant, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

The Harry Potter book lamp is priced at £30, and is available to buy in-store or at Argos online.

For more information on the Harry Potter Magic Lamp, or other bedroom lighting ideas, visit Argos online.

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