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These Unique Heart Plants Will Make the Loveliest Addition to Your Home

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For those who love nothing more than an exotic houseplant, meet the dreamiest heart-shaped plants.

Called the Hoya (Hoya kerrii), this single-leaf plant is notable for its micro-size and unique love shape, just perfect for gifting on Valentine’s Day.

These micro indoor plants can live for years without developing into larger plants, however you’ll want to keep it away from frost and freezing weather.

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It’s good news for those who aren’t so green-fingered, as the ‘Sweetheart Plant’ is relatively easy to care for surviving long periods of time without watering and can be positioned in almost anywhere in the home and office.

Currently, you can buy one over on Etsy for around £5.99 where reviewers have been also been sharing inspiring ideas for display.

Display it in a simple ceramic or decorative glass bowl alike!