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You’ll Never Feel the Cold In the Car Again with this Comfy Heated Blanket

heated blanket uk

When it comes to staying warm in the winter, we’ll go to great lengths to make sure we’re comfortable and heated – especially when driving long distances in the car.

Today, modern cars often come with heated seats as standard or can be added on as an extra during purchase, which can sometimes be the difference between a frozen, uncomfortable car journey and one that is relaxing and warm.

For those without the luxury of heated seats, however, you have to be inventive and go to great lengths when it comes to trying to stay warm in the car.

Hot water bottles, hand warmers and blankets have typically been the necessary items for winter driving, but now there is something even more practical that can save you from those frozen commutes.

Stalwart has created a collection of specially designed car heated blankets that will make sure your next road trip is never uncomfortably cold again.

heated blanket uk

How It Works

The electric heated blanket simply plugs into the cigarette lighter in all cars and heats up to a comfortable temperature when activated.

The 12-volt fleece blanket has a 96-inch-long cord, so it can stretch to almost all areas of the car, and can cover most adults and children comfortably.

There are four colour variations: navy, green and black, red and black and black and white.

The blankets retail for £34.13 and are available online at Amazon.

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