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Superhero Bookends Are Here to Save Your Shelves from Being a Cluttered Catastrophe

hero bookend

When it comes to staying completely organised at home it can often be a struggle to remain clutter free, but might have found a helpful duo who can come to the rescue.

Artori Design have created a fab pair of superhero bookends called that’ll protect your home just like those in the latest Avengers: Endgame film from messy shelves and stop your books from falling over.

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hero bookend

Artori Design

Ever needed some super strength to keep all of your books in order and tidy? These fab bookends are the ultimate solution to those pesky heavy books always

The superhero bookends come in two variations, Book & Hero and Supergal.

In each case, the heroes appear to be floating in mid-air as if they have some kind of super power.

How does this super duo do it? Its super simple really.

hero bookend

Artori Design

Each hero has magnets hidden in their hands. These magnets attach to a vertical panel of the bookend, which is cleverly placed inside the cover of a soft-back book.

Each super hero bookend is available to buy for £22.90 from Amazon online.

For more information on the Book and Hero bookend visit Artori Design online.

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