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This Unbelievable Bed Will Make it Impossible to Get Up in the Morning

hibed smart bed

When it comes to beds we want two things, cosy and comfortable, but we have found a bed that offers much more than that – one that might actually be impossible to peel yourself out of it in the mornings.

The HiBed, created by Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella’s Hi-Interiors, combines the cosy and comforting feelings we all crave from our beds with smart technology to create the most luxurious sleeping experience, possibly, ever.

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hibed smart bed


The HiBed features everything you’d think of if you were creating the ultimate, technology-infused bed, plus a whole lot more.

Created by Vinella, who previously designed the HiCan, an enclosed smart bed concept, the HiBed could point to the future of bed design and bedroom interiors.

The unique smart bed features a built-in application which operates a jaw-dropping 4K projector, retractable 70-inch screen, surround sound speaker system, and notification service that plays daily weather and news updates.

hibed smart bed


The bed has the ability to analyse and keep track of your sleeping patterns and body weight, plus monitor room temperature, air quality and noise levels.

There’s even an ambient lighting setting that can be used as a relaxing mood light, reading aid or alarm.

The HiBed is currently available to pre-order from Hi Interiors online.

Prices for the HiBed have not been revealed, but the first version of the smart bed was priced at £39,000.

For more information on the HiBed visit Hi Interiors online.

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